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2 way system

Complete, innovative and versatile, the HSK 165 XL car audio speakers system inherits the design and material selection, as well as the evolution in terms of performance proper of the MLK 165; all of this with a 2 dB increase in output throughout its entire frequency range. HSK 165 XL is a two-way system composed of the HT 28 tweeter and the HV 165 XL woofer. The dedicated 2W. XL crossover is made with high-level components, and provides configuration flexibility: you can easily and intuitively adjust the filter according to the installation typology and personal taste. Complete with comprehensive tweeter mounting accessories as well as a grille for the woofer, it can be cosmetically integrated into any vehicle. The HSK 165 XL is a dedicated system for those who look for detailed sound, innovative technology and a refined, hi-tech look.

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Data table

Power Handling - Peak W 300
Power Handling - Continuous W 150
Impedance 4
Frequency response Hz 40 ÷ 22k
Sensitivity dB SPL 93,5
Woofer size mm (in.) HV 165XL: 165 (6???1/2)
Tweeter size mm (in.) HT 28: 28(1???1/8)
Crossover type LO/HI-pass
Crossover cut off 2.5 kHz @ 12/12 dB Oct.

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