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ML Power 1


Gli amplificatori Mille Power nascono per valorizzare al massimo le straordinarie performance degli altoparlanti Mille. La nuova tecnologia ADC (ADVANCED D-CLASS TECHNOLOGY) garantisce assoluto piacere all’ascolto mantenendo massima compattezza con un’efficienza impareggiabile. Il dissipatore realizzato con doppia tecnologia, estrusione e pressofusione di alluminio, permette agli amplificatori Mille Power di lavorare costantemente alla massima potenza senza problemi di surriscaldamento, massimizzando ulteriormente l’efficienza termica. Il potente amplificatore monofonico ML Power 1 (1000 W – stabile ad 1 Ω) è perfetto per pilotare i subwoofer Mille. Il controllo remoto del livello delle basse frequenze HRC BM
(Hertz Remote Control Bass Management) è disponibile come optional

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Hertz Bass Management

The remote control HRC BM - Bass Management, optional for MLPower 1, provides the ability to adapt the subwoofer level (-20 / + 6 dB) to any personal preference and favorite music genre.

Data table

Channel mode 1
Output Power (RMS)
@ 14.4 VDC
1 Ch 600 W x 1 (4Ω)

1 Ch 1000 W x 1 (2Ω)

1 Ch 1000 W x 1 (1Ω)



    Ensures pure listening pleasure while keeping a compact size with unmatched power efficiency.

    It monitors the amplifiers operating status in real time pointing out possible faults such as overheating, excessive loads on the outputs or short-circuits on cables or loudspeakers. This information allows the user to identify possible issues with the installation and to intervene before the amplifier goes into protection to prevent any damages.
  • HDP IN & ART(TM)

    The ML Power IN module features a Speaker In input (with balanced circuitry minimizing noise) for OEM head units and an RCA IN input for aftermarket sources. When the Speaker In is used, the ART™ function (Automatic Remote Turn On-Off) is enabled, managing the amplifier remote turn on to avoid unpleasant “bumps”.

    The heat sink, engineered with double technology, extrusion and aluminium die-casting, enables the Mille Power amplifiers to work constantly at full power without ever overheating, further maximizing thermal efficiency.

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